Memorable Guest Experiences

It’s Friday afternoon. Guests for the Smith family reunion are checking in. Your hotel guest services staff is prepared. The front desk is giving each guest a personalized goody bag. Housekeeping has placed the reunion schedule in each room. You, as the hotel operator, are completely aware of every detail being executed flawlessly. Thank you, Hotel Front Desk!

Improved Hotel Staff Communication

Unforgettable guest experiences happen when you and your hotel operations staff are able to proactively tend to every detail in your hotel and react to situations throughout the day. This occurs best when staff is connected continuously via Hotel Front Desk’s mobile app, so that notifications are immediate, responses are swift, and you are notified of the resolve directly.

Easy to Use App Creates a User Friendly Experience

With no software interface to learn, your hotel operations and maintenance staff will find Hotel Front Desk easy to use. Built using standard mobile app technology with a visually appealing hotel lobby feel, Hotel Front Desk is as familiar to your staff as their own front desk.

How it Works

Experience Hotel Front Desk Today.

Improve the Guest Experience Immediately.

The best way to experience how Hotel Front Desk works is to download it today from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account for your hotel. Highlighted below are just some of the key features that you’ll find upon downloading the application:

  • Intuitive dashboard to quickly view work orders assigned to you, logbook events and all notes.
  • One-tap functionality to quickly open Work Orders and Tasks with immediate notification to assigned staff members.
  • Easily create, sort, and track log entries for specialized, hotel guest service requests. Export into a spreadsheet report and search by room number, date, maintenance issue, etc. Even identify maintenance trends to identify cost-savings measures and improve efficiencies.

  • View all Open Tasks in one window to ensure continual progress of work orders.
  • Send quick notes to individual staff or by department. No more waiting for staff to check email.
  • Completely customize Hotel Front Desk including setting up departments, vendors, floor plans, task types and more, to meet your hotel operation needs.

What Your Staff Will Say. . .

“When I’m busy checking guests in and they have a special request, it’s so easy to tap the app and with a few small steps, create a log entry that I know will immediately get to the appropriate department.”
– Front Desk Manager

“I’m all over our hotel property every day, never at a desk checking email. Finally, I can see what needs to be fixed immediately and even better, let the team know when I’ve completed it!”
– Member of Maintenance

“I sleep better knowing that my staff is collaborating and communicating effectively. Being able to check on the status of any guest request or work order with a simple tap of the app from my iPhone or iPad at any time of the day or night is a huge relief.”
– Hotel Owner/Operator